Philips OneBlade Hybrid Electric Trimmer and Shaver

When you hear of the Philips Shaver line you may think of a regular-sized men’s shaver in blue and silver colours, but Philips also has the affordable Philips OneBlade Hybrid which is both a facial hair trimmer, and a facial hair shaver. This shaver has three different purposes, so you only need to keep one grooming device in your small bathroom. It can trim and edge your beard styles, but still shave off hair on the parts of your face and neck where you want clear smooth skin.

pob2This trimmer has a long sleek shape, with dark grey body and two lime green sides. There is a circular power on/off button on the front middle of the device. The Philips OneBlade shaver has a top blade that is reminiscent of disposable shaver blades. It’s also replaceable, for about $12 for a new one. It’s recommended the blades be replaced every three or four months, based on your usage. This is perfect for men who like to use only the newest and sharpest blades to look after their face.

The blade is also dual-edged, so you can shave on either side. This makes shaving simpler, so you’re not confused if you’re using the right side or not, as both are the same. The blades can also be used for precision lining up, so you can have a perfect trim on both sides of your face.

The smaller blade in the Philips OneBlade will also enable for better contour following. It will effectively shave over cheekbones, jawline, neck, and chin. You can even use it to trim your eyebrows.

There are also three grey plastic combs that attach just above the blade. These can be used to trim facial hair to your desired length. The combs also move and are adjustable. You can do this by moving the lime green button just under the shaving blade, up or down. The combs easily click on and off. The combs also make it simpler for you to have a uniform hair length on all sides, rather than trying to use scissors and hope you’re trimming your beard evenly.

The combs can adjust by one millimetre to three millimetres for a stubble look, or five millimetres for a longer stubble look.
If you want to use it as a shaver, it has a fast moving cutter that does a great job. The cutter moves at two hundred times per second. It’s a lot like a traditional shaver, but electrically powered. The blades will get close enough to your skin to do a nice clean shave, but will also keep your face comfortable. It contains a dual protection system that will trim longer hairs and stubble.

There is also a special protective coating on the Philips OneBlade. This coating does not wear off and it will smoothly glide over your skin. The edge of each of the blade’s lengths also have metal cutting combs. These tips are coating in a polymer material to make them rounded. They can still effectively cut off hairs, but will protect your skin. The blades are also built to be durable and to last for a longer length of time.

pob3The Hybrid is also electric, and it’s rechargeable. It’s also water-resistant, so you can use it with water, and add soap, lotions, or shaving foams. This also makes your hybrid trimmer easy to clean. Simply rinse it under a tap after using, and pat dry with a towel.

There is a long lasting and rechargeable NimH battery in this shaver. It takes eight hours to fully charge up, and will last for forty-five minutes of shaving time.

The cost of the Philips trimmer is under $35, making it an affordable secondary groomer purchase for men who have decided to grow a beard, or for the budget conscious young man who wants to keep up with today’s latest beard styles.

In the box you’ll get one Philips OneBlade, a handle, three trimming combs, and one power charger.

If you’ve been seeking for the best electric shaver and trimmer in one, the Philips OneBlade Hybrid trimmer and shaver is both affordable, and efficient.