Review of New Apple Watch Series 2

With every new Apple product release the entire world is watching. Will it hit the mark, or be a failure? The Apple Watch Series 2 is the newest release of their Apple Watch which is a lot like a smaller version of a smartphone. Most users agree that this is a better watch than the first one. It retails for $369, which puts it up there with the best smartphone.

At first glance, the watch runs faster, with a better operating system. It also contains an onboard GPS, a brighter display, and has a waterproof capability of down to fifty metres of salt or fresh water. This is handy for swimmers or divers.

The main problem seems to lie with a lower battery life that hasn’t had much improvement over the first watch. This is particularly a problem when one is running the GPS, as it needs a lot of power. This watch is also thicker and heavier. It also still requires an iPhone to make it work, and most likely one with the latest operating system. If you have any other type of phone, you’re going to be out of luck.



This Series 2 watch has been released about 1.5 years after the original. Most people will love its faster capabilities, and that it’s perfect for outdoor sports. It’s also brighter to view, which was an issue in sunlight in the past. The design is pretty much the same.

This new watch runs on WatchOS 3 software. It also offers free upgrades, so you don’t have to buy them new. There is also the option of three different material designs in aluminum, stainless steel, and ceramic. There will no longer be a gold choice, as only about 2000 of their $10,000 gold watches ever sold. There are also choices of 38mm or 42mm. Aluminum is cheapest at $369, and the ceramic is highest at $1200. For those who are using the watch for fitness, the lightweight aluminum with white strap is the best.

aws2-waterYou can record your swim activity and estimated calories of usage in the Workout app. 1. The GPS will calculate your starting position and track your movements. You’ll be able to plan out your walk or run. There is also the Night Sky which is a constellation locating app. Viewranger is handy for tracking hikes.

The Series 1 is still available for sale at a lower price, and may be an attractive purchase for people who don’t need the GPS or waterproofing, and prefer a slender watch. You can also switch out the bands on both watches at any time.

When you check out the reviews online they can vary from 3 to 4 stars. Most likely part of this failing relies on the battery life and the high price.

If you need the latest features of the Apple Watch Series 2, go ahead and buy it. But if you’re happy with the Series 1, go ahead and buy it. Either way, you’ll still have a great watch that will last for a long time.